Enterprise grade solution with well structured back end architecture

that can easily customise depends on the business needs

Managing a record in every industry made easier by these tools


Document Management System

Upload and automate your record in a single repository with pre-defined workflow.

Human Resource Information System

Manage your employee 201 files and distribute payroll in just a few clicks.

School Management System

Monitor your student records, upload lessons and generate grades easily.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Create automated process in Accounting, Finance and other administrative division.

Customer Relationship Management

Keep track with your sales accounts, leads and opportunities.

Project Management System

Plot your team's tasks and control your timeline in chart.

E-Commerce System

Build your products online with powerful full suite online store.

E-Learning System

Create your school task with innovative online approach.

Manage Print System

Centralized print facility with detailed report for consumed output.

Flood Forecasting System

Deploy sensors for flood scenarios and monitor reports realtime.

Procurement Tracking System

Post and track your items that you want to purchase in private or public.